Customer Reviews

“I wanted to send you a note to thank you for including the Silverback sticker and card with my most recent order, that was extremely kind and unexpected! 🙂
It’s so exciting to have another great brand of paddling gear on the scene. Per your note in the card, I would be happy to provide you with some feedback to help your brand grow
For the product itself, there are so many qualities that I love:
• The fabric is butter-smooth and it’s a huge plus that it’s eco-friendly! I have extremely sensitive skin so I really notice when a fabric quality is stiff or low quality – This hoodie is neither of those things. The stitching and details (button, thumb holes, hood) are also very high quality and make the hoodie worth the price.
• The bold patterns and colors are super fun, unique, and make this hoodie stand out.
• The hood is the best I have experienced on an athletic shirt. I rarely can keep a hood on, they always seem to slip off. This hoodie stays in place (the button location is perfect) and it’s a breathable fabric so it doesn’t get sticky.”

Rachel Alvarez

San Diego, CA

“Aloha, the Silverback product line has been out for a couple of years now, and truly love the jerseys I have. There are so many aspects of the product line that go hand in hand with the lifestyle of paddling Hawaii Style. I love the idea of the material, comfort, but most of all we know Matt Daniel’s is a person who cares, and lives it every day. Mahalo Silverback!”

Paul Beattie

Maui, HI

“Silverback clothing is the absolute best beach/outdoor attire for our children (and us)! We love how comfortable the recycled plastic material is! Silverback attire protects us from the sun while we get to take care of the Earth! Thanks for making the best outdoor wear for our family!”

Ashley Face

Maui, HI

“When I paddle in the open ocean, I grab one of my Silverback hoodies. They are so comfortable, perfect for keeping the blazing Maui sun off, breathable, soft, flattering cut, and well made. I know there can be surprises on the water: weather conditions can change quickly, equipment can fail. I chose the neon colors and have been told several times that I can be seen at least 2 miles away. I use them for hiking, too, because they are the most breathable sun protection I’ve found.
Thanks, Matt!”

Cate Bellafiore

“I love my Silverback Hoodie because it keeps me out of the sun while paddling. The added button on the new hoodie keeps it on my head even in windy conditions for maximum sun protection. The neon colors also make me feel very safe, because I know if I get into an emergency situation out at sea I can be visible from shore. “
Max Moquin

“I love my Hydro Hoodie! First off it looks great, while offering great protection from the sun. I always worry about a shirt chaffing when paddling for hours at a time, and I haven’t had that issue at all with this hoodie. I love how it fits both dry and completely wet, and how fast it dries. I highly recommend this hoodie!

Mahalo for the great products, brother!”

Tim Griffith

“My name is Judson Grey and I am from Dana Point, California. Paddling was never something I had on my radar when I was much younger but when I was introduced to it I was hooked! Funny thing too is, I originally tried rowing at the same time as paddling in 2018 but there was something about the paddling world that made me feel at home and free. One turning point that drove me to start was watching a video of Kai Bartlett doing a run from Maui to Lanai. Watching the video led me down a rabbit hole that led me to a club in my very own city!
Outside the sense of adventure and blissfulness paddling brought me, a major factor that made this sport hold onto me with a tight grip was the community within it. By far I have never seen or bore witness to a sport where one moment you are battling, neck to neck, bumping, scratching, and rubbing boats, only to give eachother a big hug at the end of the race with smiles all around. The push we give one another through racing, is like no other, it’s a family.
I have competed in many southern California six man races such as the Catalina Crossing. In one man I recently did the Wild Buffalo race from Catalina Island to Newport Beach, paddled from Maui to Lani, Chattajack, Koa Nuii, Maliko, Solo, Gorge, and I look forward to participating in many more races to come!
Silverback Hawaii always has a place in my heart due to the family that stems around it and the product! I love the gear and designs as well! I am stoked to be a part of this team!
Paddling is not only about winning, losing, battling, racing…it’s about sharing the same love and experience with the friends, family, and loved ones you make along the way. Looking forward to seeing you guys on the water! ”
Judson Grey

Dana Point, California

“I’ve been on the ocean for most of my life. For a majority of those years sunscreen and sun protection wasn’t a thing. Yikes!!
Needless to say, these days sun protection is a big deal for me. My Silverback hoodie is my go to anytime I’m on the ocean. It’s super comfortable, lightweight, made from recycled plastic and keeps me covered.
Love it!”

Dane Ward

Maui, Hawaii

“The Silverback long-sleeve hoodie is my optimal choice for those hot days, both on the water or walking around, to stay fresh and sunburn-free, I love it”

Will Reichenstein

The Wa'a House, The Kimokea Hawaiian Voyaging Society

“I bought my Hawaiian Hydro Hoodie for paddling, but have been using it for pickleball, mountain and street bike riding. It’s comfortable, protects me from the sun and looks great!”

Carla Stoner

Encinitas, California

“My silverback hoodie is my go to when I want sun protection and comfort. You won’t be disappointed if you buy one😎”

Bill Menish


I just have to share my love for Silverback of Hawaii. I paddle mostly downwind in the strong winds on Maui, Silverback hoodies are hands down the best. One hand pulls on or off the hood even in crazy conditions. The elastic and fit is perfect and the hood never falls or blows off. No hassle in having to tie strings or deal with snaps! The coverage has saved my face, neck,and ears not only from sun damage, but from the wind chill factor as well. I have a drawer full of other random jerseys but I only use my Silverback hoodie.”


“I love the Silverback Hawaiian Hydro Hoodie!! It provides excellent protection from the sun, dries super fast and allows complete freedom of movement. It’s my go to garment for both water & land activities; I have several because they’re in almost constant use. They’re comfortable, functional & stylish.
I’m also happy to support Silverback Hawaii – a local business focused on the environment and sustainability; highly recommended!!”

Yvonne Yong

“The Hawaiian Hydro Hoodie is a brilliant solution for those chilling cold mornings, or burning afternoons. And especially for those extra long paddles that stretch between the two. The loose, but close fit around the neck help retain heat loss across the back of the neck before sun up, and protects the same friable area once the sun is blaring. To retain even more heat just pull the hoodie up between a stroke, or again, to keep the top of the head from sun burn and help to avoid sun zap of your energy, the cooling hood, high neck, and full length arms wick away sweat and keep the salt at bay. Let’s you never miss a stroke futzing around to keep a hat on those epic days. ”
Christopher Masterson

“Silverback jerseys are some of the most comfortable paddling tops I have ever worn!! All items: tanks, short sleeve, and long sleeve shirts are light, bright, and comfortable!!
The paddling pants fit well and do not cause chaffing.
Additionally, all the products are eco-friendly — and that is a BIG PLUS!!”

Wade Willford

San Diego, CA

“I love the new design; it’s great!

I’ll be ordering another soon 😊


Yvonne Yong

Maui, Hawaii

“I can’t say enough about how dedicated the Silverback team is to their mission.  Using fabrics made from recycled plastics and all Made in the USA.  Ethically sound!

I have been wearing Silverback for all of my on ocean activities whether it be paddling canoe, surfing or sitting on the beach get great sun protection.

Silverback has often asked for input on their line and I am happy to say that they listen and implement some of what we have to contribute.

I am a long sleeve hoody and leggings fan and promise to remain one.  

Please support Silverback and help make a positive impact on our environment.



Kevin Ledesma

Haiku, Hawaii


I love the tapa tribal print. The long sleeve hoodie rashguard is perfect to shield away the Hawaiian sun and provides warmth for windy surf conditions. I really like the finger slots that help from sleeve riding up with paddling. At night, I wear it during evening hiking to protect against mosquitos. I support local businesses who are environmentally conscientious trying to not leave a carbon fingerprint.” 

Kelly Miyasato

Haiku, Hawaii

“Leggings: I love the material of the leggings and the easy accessibility of the pockets is great and my phone does not slip out. The feel of these pants is so comfy and perfect for in and out of the water.

Hoodie: This hoodie is so fashionable and the material is very breathable. The different parts of this design like the hood and thumb holes make it so much better to use. I love all the different colors and prints as well!”

Julia Pahukula

Maui, Hawaii

“Silverback gear/wear is tried and true. Tested in Hawaiian waters and all it’s elements, from a relaxing day on the water to racing across channels from island to island hour after after hour. The gear is comfortable, protective, and stylish. Good to go, always.”
Jason Donovan

Maui, Hawaii