We believe in creating clothing that is performance based, but also good for the earth. As you can read in previous blogs about our Repreve eco-friendly technology, we at Silverback Hawaii believe in always looking to the earth first. It’s all of our responsibility to keep the earth clean for the next generations, and we love doing our part. Here are some reasons that eco-friendly clothing is so good for not only Hawaii, and not only our country, but the world in general.

  1. It reduces pesticides, as the cut-down from cotton farming, and the chemicals farmers have to use to ward off pests, is mitigated.

  2. Less toxic waste.

  3. Supports fair trade, which is so important.

  4. Supporting the rights of animals, and the creation of clothes that take plastics out of the water, further saving wildlife.

  5. Less resources have to be used, saving carbon-dioxide output, cutting down on the carbon footprint we emit.

  6. No chemical dyes mean that your clothes will not impact your health!