People can sell whatever they want to make a living–that’s an American right–but you know the saying, “never trust a skinny chef”? Well–the same can be said when you are purchasing the equipment you need to stay safe and perform at your best out on the water.

Matt Daniels has spent his entire life on the water, learning about it and from it, conquering its power in his paddle board, kayak and canoe over the years, to become one of the most well-rounded water sports athletes in America. That’s why, when it is tried and tested by someone who has spent 40+ years going into the water every single day, you know you can trust it.

At Silverback Hawaii, all of our products, besides being made eco-friendly so as to not harm the water with any dyes, are also made for performance. That means sweat wicking, that means UV Ray protection and that means you are paddling at your best. It’s hard to focus on the task at hand if you are worried about your gear holding up, but when you know it’s been quality tested by Matt Daniels, you’ve got nothing to worry about.