At Silverback Hawaii, we know that when you’re competing, the gear you use is what is some of the most important parts of finishing towards the top. Obviously, using our Hydro Hoodies and Leggings is an elite way to stay cool, and be protected by the sun– but it’s also important to talk about what brands we use, when we are competing or out on the water.

Personally, we use the ANTARES, which is made from the original Maui Mold, for an authentic feel and true ride. It’s designed by the famed Kai Bartlett and fabricated by Nathan Loyala at Kilakila Watersports. The quality of this equipment is part of the reason that Silverback Hawaii has such a reputation on race day for high finishes–because we only use the best.

At the upcoming Gorge Competition, we will be using a Pro-Model Ares, also a Kai Bartlett model, and a Palafamala paddle, which we believe gives us the greatest chances to move throughout the water swiftly and efficiently. Lastly, we will of course be using our hoodies and leggings, which are the elite Hydro Hawaiian designs that we have created, to keep you aerodynamic and cool while you are paddling.

Good luck on race day, and remember–your equipment matters!