1. Drive less. Going without a car can save up to 2.6 tons of carbon dioxide a year. Ride a bike or take the bus, it is just as effective. If you do have to drive, go easy on the gas and the brakes, service your car, and check your tires, to make sure that everything is in the shape it should contribute to an eco-friendly community.

  2. Fly less. This can lower your output quite a bit. If this is not a realistic option for you because of family, or work, consider donating some time or money to a sustainable project in your area, to maybe offset your effect.

  3. Eat lower on the food chain. Consider cutting down on your meat eating, as eating less dairy and meat every year can cut down your carbon footprint quite a bit.

  4. No fast fashion. These trendy items go out of style fast, and end up in landfills. Consider buying eco-friendly clothing, like from Silverback Hawaii. Also remember to wash things in cold water, as that can save up to 500 pounds of carbon dioxide a year, if you do it for every wash.

  5. Make changes at home. This involves changing your bulbs to incandescent, switching off lights, and making sure your heat is off when it needs to be. All of this together can help lower your footprint significantly.