Our Hoodies have always been the pride and joy of our brand and we’re so pleased to announce that with our Quarter One line launching on January 22nd, we have perfected the craft of our hoodies, to make them look and perform even better.

With unique graphics and a perfected design, our Silverback Hawaii Repreve Hoodies are made to keep you protected from UV Rays and cool you down as they get wet. Oftentimes, paddle sport athletes use sunscreen when out on the water, which is responsible for their skin, but not for the water. The toxins from the sunscreen get into our oceans, which can be harmful for the eco-systems that live there.

With our hoodies, none of that is an issue. Protect your skin and the water with a Silverback Hawaii Hoodie (link here), which we think is our best iteration yet. Perfect for the water sport athlete in your life, or as an investment in yourself–or even as a fashion statement. We feel confident that it will be the best hoodie you’ve ever used out on the water, from the light-weight design, to vibrant colors. We know you’re going to love it!