As a company that is based in Hawaii, we take our mission to be eco-friendly seriously. Setting up shop somewhere that promotes the kind of initiative that we want to exhibit is a direct reflection of SilverBack Hawaii as a brand– no filler, with an eye to the future. With that being said, Hawaii is one of the most eco-friendly places in the entire country. Here are some reasons why:

  1. There is no garbage on the island. This is because everyone is responsible for their own garbage and recycling, because there is no trash pick-up on the island. The garbage centers are around the entire island, and are free to use.

  2. The island is at the forefront of pushing green energy, using solar panels, and other methods of trying to limit their carbon footprint. The same idea that we use when trying to create eco-friendly apparel at SilverBack Hawaii, the island uses this green energy to power a lot of the production on the island.

  3. A new energy mandate states that Hawaii must require 70% of sourced energy to come from alternative methods by 2030.

  4. Many people grow their own food. It is much more common in Hawaii, than anywhere else in America, to see people growing food for personal use. The same idea of adapting, reclaiming and reusing that we believe in at Silverback Hawaii, is the same idea that the locals of the island use to power their own lives!