At Silverback Hawaii, we want to do everything with the utmost integrity. We manufacture all our products in the USA, in order to support local economies and create jobs for American workers. Not only that, but by manufacturing in the USA, we are generating a lower carbon footprint, helping the earth stay as healthy as we can. When goods are made in China or India, they have to be shipped across the Ocean to reach America. This burns fossil-fuel and spews out greenhouse gasses, with every mile they travel.

That’s also without mentioning the possible delays in shipping pipelines that can be created from overseas issues that, as American based consumers, we may have no direct fault or dealing with, but now your order is behind because of it.

Backing American made, handmade goods is the way to jumpstart our economy, both locally and nationally and a brand like Silverback Hawaii sets out every day to achieve this goal and can’t do it without your help!