Over the last year, we’ve been working the midnight oil to make sure that when the calendar turns to 2023, we are ready to provide you with the best paddlesport and ocean wear apparel that is available on the market.

We use our special fabric, made from recycled plastic, that helps keep pollutants out of the waterways and aid in keeping you cool and dry the entire time that you are out on the water. Many athletes use sunscreen when they go out for their daily kayak, canoe, paddle board, or surfing expedition–but that is bad for the water, due to the chemicals and ingredients found in sunscreen. So, why not help yourself stay burn free, by covering all of your skin, and doing so with a product that helps the waterways and helps yourself at the same time. It’s a no brainer–at least, we sure think so.

With all that being said, keep your eye out during quarter one of 2023. We will be releasing our newly produced line, full of designs and colors that are sure to catch your eye, all while performing at a level that is so high, we use it ourselves on the water everyday, and teams and active paddlers across the nation have been telling us for the last year how amazing our prototypes are. Well, it’s time to get them in your hands. Give (https://www.instagram.com/silverbackhawaii/?hl=en) a follow, and check out our drops, here at (https://www.silverbackhawaii.com/) and check out some of our offerings, here ___ (https://www.silverbackhawaii.com/shop/plain-blue-silverback-hydro-hoody).