Hello Silverback fans!

My name is Rachel (@rachelmargarita) and I am a paddler from Northern California. I have been paddling for about 7.5 years, primarily competing in races up and down the beautiful California coast. I stumbled into paddling by chance (I am a former high school and collegiate rower, gasp!) and everything about the sport has me hooked – The movement, the locations, and perhaps most importantly, the people.

I was first introduced to Silverback gear when I saw a video posted by Leanne Stanley (@thestanleyedge) where she is wearing the Women’s Hawaiian Hydro Hoodie in the Eloku Pua print. I am obsessed with bright, vibrant clothing and after commenting to ask Leanne where she got it she pointed me to the Silverback website.

As paddlers and people, I believe that it is our responsibility to take care of our environment and make sustainable choices whenever we can. I was already very interested in purchasing Silverback gear based on how it looked, but after reading that this gear is made in the USA (reduces carbon footprint, yay!) and that the fabric is made from 100% recycled materials (AMAZING) I purchased my first hoodie.

After paddling in it for the first time, I knew I needed to have the other prints as well so I could make these go-to paddling shirts. Firstly, the fabric is butter-smooth! I have extremely sensitive skin so I really notice when a fabric quality is stiff or low quality – This hoodie is neither of those things. Secondly, the bold patterns and colors are super fun and unique, and make this hoodie stand out from the crowd. Lastly, the hood is the best I have experienced on an athletic shirt; they always seem to slip off! This hoodie stays in place and it’s a breathable fabric so it doesn’t get steamy inside.

Silverback HawaiiIn addition to wearing my Silverback hoodies while paddling at home, I recently got to wear them for a full weekend of activities surrounding Puakea Designs’ 5th annual Wild Buffalo Relay (WBR) race. WBR is a 34-mile small craft race that runs from Avalon, Catalina Island to Newport Aquatic Center in Newport Beach. The event attracts paddlers from all over who are excited to shake off the cold winter cobwebs with a fun and challenging race. The bright print on the hoodies caught the attention of my fellow racers and I received so many compliments and questions all weekend. I also got to reconnect with Leanne in person and got a #Twinning moment with the champ herself. It was an honor to wear my Silverback gear and spread the word, and I look forward to many more races and events in them.

Thank you Matt and team for making an incredible product line that connects amazing paddle people together