Recycled Polyester is one the most ethically responsible materials to use when making clothing. As you know from our other blogs and brand identity, we care about the future of the earth, as some of our proceeds go back into making the waterways that we inhabit, live forever.

Plastic from water bottles is sterilized and crushed, spun into a string of yarn, and transformed into a fiber that can be used for clothing. The seismic waste in the fashion industry sees over 48 million mt of clothing disposed of annually. This can help put what is already in the world back into what is on our bodies.

It’s not just that though–when you buy Silverback Hawaii, you’re helping save the world for the future. A 2017 research study found that manufacturing recycled polyester generates 79% less carbon emissions than producing its virgin counterpart. Buying Silverback Hawaii means buying into a healthier planet and a better product as we have begun to perfect our material blend, in our hoodies and leggings.