From July 11th to July 16th at the Skamania County Fairgrounds, come check out Silverback Hawaii’s booth. This Race is one of the most prestigious on the West Coast and is a great time to check out some Hi-Vis hoodies, leggings and other paddle related products.

This race starts at Home Valley and finishes at Hood River Park. This 13.3 mile race course is well respected and a great test for any paddler. Wearing Silverback Hawaii gear while competing will give you an edge from the sun, helping preserve energy–and a more aerodynamic fit as you wade through the wind.

At Silverback Hawaii, we pride ourselves on creating eco-friendly and sustainable outwear to go out and rock on the water. Instead of using sunscreen, which puts harmful chemicals into the waterways we love, using a Silverback Hawaii Hoodie and Leggings creates the same shielding power from the sun’s UV Rays.

We encourage you to come and check us out. You can learn about our products, learn more about the race itself and, mostly importantly, learn about our goal to make the waterways of the world cleaner and sustainable for as long as we are on this planet.