With many competitions coming up this summer it’s important to remember to keep your skin protected on the water and out of the harmful UV Rays that can cause skin issues and disease down the line.

Our line of hoodies and leggings do just that. Through protection of the entire body, they are made of a material,  RPET, that is made to keep you cool when it’s wet, but protect your skin from the sun–creating a perfect utility, while also providing hi-vis style that is safe.

Many paddlers use sunscreen, which, while effective, is harmful for the waterways that provide us with the opportunity to be paddlers in the first place. These toxic chemicals can harm their ecosystem and we want to make sure that does not happen. So, make sure to check out our hoodies and leggings to see what all the hype is about and keep not only yourself safe, but the waterways of the world safe, as well.