When you’re out on the water, your apparel can play a big part in your performance and in your safety while on the water. By wearing a cover, specifically a hoodie, you can make sure you are protected from harmful UV rays and not burning to a crisp. Pain can affect performance, focus and future health–specifically with Melanoma, which is seemingly too common amongst our base.

Wearing sunscreen can be harmful when it gets into the water, as it hurts the ecosystems that it touches directly. As previously mentioned, a great alternative is wearing a hoodie while out on the water, to cover your skin–we recommend SilverBack Hawaii and their Hydro Hoodies—(Link)–as these cover skin fully, and are designed to lock in moisture to keep you cool and safe.

Being on the water as much as we are, it is our joint responsibility to try and provide as much care and safety to ourselves and the water as possible. One of the best ways to do this is to protect ourselves and the ecosystems that we touch. A great first step in this process is wearing protection when out on the water–we promise it will help you enjoy your sporting activities more!