Now that we have a hard release date of January 22nd for our new line launch, we wanted to take a moment out to say thank you to all of our friends, family and supporters, as the last year has been a tough climb, but one that has taught us so much about business and life.

The origin of Silverback Hawaii and the reasons we keep it going are not about a bottom line, but rather about preserving the future of watersports and the ecosystems of the waterways that we train and race on. The future of our planet depends on being responsible about what we put into the spaces that we call home–and the oceans are the starting point for that.

Nothing is lost on us and all of your support means the world. It has taken a lot of sleepless nights to get everything right–there’s a lot more that goes into a business than just printing hoodies and putting them on the site.

 From awareness, to production, to proper SEO and Digital Marketing, this last year has been a whirlwind and at times, an exercise in patience and understanding–but the fact that it is all culminating in us being able to deliver you the highest quality garments on the market makes us feel a lot better! Check them out here ( and know how much we appreciate your support.