The statistics of waste going into making clothing and apparel, especially in the watersport industry, was alarming to Silverback Hawaii Founder, Matt Daniels–so he set out to change that, by making eco-sustainable and friendly clothing that would also perform well out on the water.

In the spirit of giving back to the community and the world that has done so much for us, Silverback Hawaii donated jerseys to the members of the Pu’ali Koa Kahiko. This group of veterans now had jerseys to represent their mission and brand themselves as a team, thanks to the efforts that we put forward.

A Vietnam Veteran and longtime paddler, the president of the Pu’ali Koa Kahiko is Wendel DeVera, who said that wearing the jerseys as one gives him pride that they all look like they belong together. When you put care and effort back into your community, they notice and those are always the main tenets of Silverback Hawaii. First and foremost, providing the best oceanwear for you out on the water, but just as important is making those that have given a contribution to this earth, feel recognized.