When you’re out on the water, your apparel can play a big part in your performance and in the safety of the water you’re in. By wearing a cover, specifically a hoodie and leggings, you can make sure you are protected from harmful UV rays and not burning to a crisp, as the pain can affect performance, focus and future health. It’s also important, if you wear sunscreen, as a hoodie and leggings act as natural cover, in place of this, as sunscreen can contribute to the poisoning of a body of water, if it leaks into it. This happens as the chemicals in the sunscreen are harmful to the ecosystem of the ocean, specifically coral reefs, which are already in danger of being extinct.

When paddleboarding, the most important accessory is your flotation device, but beyond that, it is your hoodie and leggings. At Silverback Hawaii, we are obsessed with helping you achieve peak performance on the water, but also with saving the future health of the oceans and lakes we enjoy our time on. The best way to do this is to cover up your extremities and to make sure you are treating the way with the same respect it is giving you!

As a result of our advocacy for proper boarding attire, for both your sake and the sake of the ocean’s, we offer hoodies and leggings for men and women so that everyone can be safe and perform at their best.

We offer apparel and clothing solutions for all conditions, year round! If you have any questions about the fit of something, or the appropriate apparel for a certain occasion, feel free to reach out to us and our experts will get right back to you. Be safe out there, and please continue to help in our effort to keep the waterways of this world clean and healthy!